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About Us

About Us

For us, building a brand is about quality and integrity.

Scott and Jon Demers, creators of Cheating Gourmet want to be THE only brand you think of when serving your family and friends the highest quality, unique and premium frozen seafood.

For Scott and Jon, Cheating Gourmet is all about quality. It started with an idea to bring a homemade original recipe to market. Drawing inspiration from a family recipe, Lobster Crostinis were created. Keeping the central focus on quality, they would only accept sustainably sourced, super premium Maine lobster, crab and scallops, paired with fresh ingredients for their seafood frozen appetizers.

An increasing demand for on-the-go lunches made with premium seafood inspired the launch of their Shrimp Rice Bowls. The brothers wanted to create an easy, everyday rice bowl with high quality shrimp and fresh ingredients.

Cheating Gourmet is a family business at its core. Brothers Scott and Jon collaboratively run the company together and never lose sight on their mission to deliver the best seafood products to share with your own family.

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